The Miami Township-based company, MJ BioScience LLC has partnered with Nelly on a CBD product line that is set to launch in 2020. This partnership will have far reaching consequences for the cannabis industry as it shifts from medical marijuana products to high quality wellness, wellness and lifestyle management solutions.

The “is hemp and cbd the same” is a question that many people have asked. The answer is no, they are not the same. Hemp and CBD are two different products with different properties.

Miamisburg company partners with musician Nelly on CBD products



Tumey told the Dayton Daily News that “his aims were matched with our company and our vision.” “He was enthusiastic about this possibility in our company and wanted to be a part of it.”

Bluegrass Farmaceuticals has a diverse product line that includes hemp-derived drinks, edibles, and non-THC items. According to the business, they include pharmaceutical-grade components that are free of additives, preservatives, and hazardous substances.

Tumey claims that’s what piqued Nelly’s curiosity, whose true name is Cornell Haynes Jr.

In 2019, Bluegrass Farmaceuticals established a 1,000-square-foot facility in Miamisburg at 965 Capstone Drive in the Mound Business Park. It has subsequently acquired a room twice the size and is now refurbishing it.

Over the next several years, the firm, based in Belton, Ky., plans to double or quadruple the size of its Miamisburg site, he said.

“The Mound has been wonderful to us,” Tumey remarked. “They’re a fantastic place to go if you’re interested in labs.”

The KLOUD5 brand of vaping goods, which the firm released in September 2020, is handcrafted and developed in Miamisburg.

Nelly helped shape the range by telling the firm what he liked and didn’t like, including the iKON vaping equipment used to ingest Bluegrass’ CBD E-Liquids.

Tumey added, “He sort of guided the vehicle, if you will, in terms of product development.”

He said that the KLOUD5 product line is “on a strong trajectory” and that the firm is on track to meet its targets for the year.

“The consumer-centric approach of Bluegrass Farmaceuticals, as well as their reluctance to compromise on quality and purity, excites me,” Nelly stated in a statement. “Our products elevate cannabis-infused vaping to a new level, allowing responsible adults to experience these products to their full potential.” I’m honored to be a part of this with the firm.”

For its innovations, Bluegrass Farmaceuticals has 13 patents pending. The firm claims to be developing and commercializing sophisticated therapeutic equipment for in-home cannabis treatments extraction and consumption, making cannabis intake more comfortable for customers.

Tumey added, “We sort of put our hat on being a high-tech, biotech type of firm, not simply a CBD compliance company.” “We have a lot of experience with intellectual property and formulating.”

Much of Bluegrass Farmaceuticals’ income comes from direct-to-consumer lines, and contract manufacturing for existing Ohio hemp producers like Power of the Flower and Ohio State Hemp is driving much of the company’s growth.

Tumey said, “They develop, we process.” “We’re really a turnkey laboratory with all the bells and whistles, and that’s what customers enjoy.” We deliver you a sellable product at the end of the day, and we do it in a fair period of time.”

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