Canada is leading the game when it comes to cannabis legalization, and one of its largest cities, Toronto, has become a hub for cannabis cultivation. One city councillor believes that with enough space in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), there will have been more than sufficient growth room by 2020. If this happens would you still be interested in purchasing marijuana?

Milton could see large cannabis growing facility



WCAX/WCAX/WCAX/WCAX/WCAX/WCAX/WCAX/WCAX/WCAX Growers are planning to develop facilities in Vermont as adult-use cannabis firms come to the state next year. Although the Cannabis Control Board is still working out certain aspects, several businesses have already begun the application process.

The Cannabis Control Board is focused on small growers in order to keep commerce local. However, CeresMED’s parent company, High Fidelity, and the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation submitted an Act 250 application for a 48,000 square foot grow facility in Milton earlier this month.

“You may have a 45,000-square-foot building or a 100,000-square-foot facility, but it doesn’t imply you can expand within the entire balance of that,” Kyle Harris, a CCB member, said.

Currently, the CCB is exclusively in charge of the upcoming adult-use cannabis industry. They aren’t currently taking permission applications, but when they do, Harris says they will prioritize local projects. “We’re going to start small.” “We’re not allowing our highest levels to be available first,” Harris added. “We aim to expand this market to a modest scale, both inside and outside.” We’d want to make particular provisions for small-scale outside farmers.”

The planned Milton facility is estimated to cost $6.6 million. They said in their Act 250 application that the facility is needed to meet demand in the medical sector and to enable them to grow into the adult-use market as soon as feasible.

Large facilities like this, according to Geoffrey Pizzutillo, co-founder of the Vermont Grower’s Association, would take away from small producers. “An egalitarian marketplace that begins with Vermonters and those most harmed by cannabis restrictions is the best road forward for Vermont,” Pizzutillo added.

The facility is not opposed by everyone. According to Milton Town Manager Don Turner, a site plan for the grow facility has already been authorized. “We’re ecstatic.” “This project, as far as I understand it, will be a cutting-edge facility, and they want to break ground shortly,” Turner added.

He also mentions that the same parent business has a smaller site in the Catamount Industrial Park. Last year, same facility paid more than $43,000 in property taxes. Turner anticipates a higher payout on this one. “Because of the sorts of robotics and technology they’ll be employing, it won’t need as many personnel as the old plant,” he added, “but it will be excellent for employment and economic growth.”

The Cannabis Control Board will meet on Friday to discuss indoor growing facilities, according to Harris. They’ll talk about licensing for firms interested in joining the market when it opens in the autumn.

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