A new website called ClearMyMeds has been launched today with the goal of reducing the backlog of expungement requests in the state of Arizona.  The website allows potential applicants to fill out an online application and upload a copy of their records to the website, which will instantly create a PDF for the applicant to upload to the Department of Corrections. Upon approval, the applicant will be asked to send a copy of their application to the Department of Corrections.

State Senator and candidate for Governor of Arizona State Legislature David Lujan has introduced a bill that would expunge cannabis convictions in the state.  This would help people who have been convicted of past cannabis crimes, as well as those who are caught up in ongoing criminal cases.  This bill could lead to more people who have been convicted of cannabis-related crimes to apply for expungement.

word-image-9284 The Arizona Administrative Office of the Courts has a website with information on withdrawing marijuana-related records. The website, www.azcourts.gov/prop207, , includes information on ballot initiatives, forms and instructions, frequently asked questions, and more. The ballot initiative Proposition 207, known as the Arizona Smart and Safe Act, passed in November 2020, and a number of provisions went into effect after the election results were certified shortly thereafter. Provisions regarding the deletion of deeds of arrest, indictment, conviction, sentence, or sentence for certain marijuana offenses take effect on 12. July 2021 in effect. The website will help individuals determine if they qualify for an exemption and provide forms and instructions for applying. Arrests, indictments, judgments, convictions and sentences of adults and juveniles may be excluded from if the petitioner meets the requirements of A.R.S. § 36-2862 and Rule 36 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure . The redaction procedure excludes documents from public inspection, while the procedure ensures that they remain available to the person who has been arrested, charged, convicted, found guilty or sentenced. Enforcement may be difficult in part because excluded records may have been merged with other non-excluded offences or may contain information on suspects who are not eligible for exclusion. The Arizona Supreme Court has issued Administrative Order 2021-82, which establishes standard procedures for conducting the disposal process. Depending on the circumstances of the arrest, charge, conviction, judgment, or sentence, a petition may be filed in the district court, the court of appeals, or the Supreme Court. There is no charge for filing a exclusion request. Petitions can only be submitted after the 12th day. July 2021. For more information on , see www.azcourts.gov/prop207.

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