In Colorado, the state has just approved regulations for marijuana smoking pens. These new devices are meant to be safer alternatives to traditional methods of consuming cannabis and have been developed by many companies like Vaping 360 in response to a 2016 legalization law that required self-regulation of vaporizers. will other states take notice?

The “New Cannabis Vaping Regulations in Colorado Could Set a Trend” is an article that discusses the new regulations on cannabis vaping. The article states that these regulations could set a trend for other states to follow.

New Cannabis Vaping Regulations in Colorado Could Set a Trend

Vaping cannabis instead of smoking it has evolved from a passing fad to a way of life for millions of people. Vaping is the favored technique of medicating for many medicinal cannabis users since it has a rapid onset impact. As the vape crisis gripped the globe in 2019, it raised numerous worries among individuals who depend on vaping to manage a variety of medical conditions. It also began to raise a lot of concerns among the millions of people who vape cannabis for fun.

According to Veriheal, there have been over 1,300 vape-related diseases in the United States this year, 29 of which have resulted in deaths. Despite the fact that the illicit market was to responsible for the problem, the vape and cannabis sectors had witnessed a 15% drop in income in only two months as a consequence of it. As a result, Colorado has established new guidelines for the cannabis business in terms of the manufacture of vape devices and cartridges.

Subsection (C)(5)(b) of the Colorado Marijuana Rules (1 CCR 212-3) states that “each Harvest Batch and Production Batch of Regulated Marijuana Concentrate in a Vaporized Delivery Device must be tested for metals contamination via emissions testing by a Regulated Marijuana Testing Facility…” as of January 1, 2022.

Wait… Is It Possible That My Vape Contains Metal?

Metals hiding in your vape pens is a frightening prospect, but it’s not as straightforward as it seems. Metal contaminants may get up in vape pens in a variety of accidental ways. Heavy metal pollutants like as cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead might be present during the cultivation and production of vape goods. These may arise from a variety of sources, including the soil and water used during cultivation, packing equipment, and device material, among others.


When using a vape, the equipment and cartridge (which carries the cannabis concentrate) might create reactions, resulting in contaminations that would not have been present otherwise. When you use a vape device, heat is introduced, which causes this. This implies that although normal testing may reveal no heavy metal contamination, when heat is applied, chemical reactions may occur. Emissions testing may aid in the prevention of this.

What Is Emissions Testing and How Does It Work?

Testing on hemp- and cannabis-derived goods has always been necessary in regulated markets like Colorado. The vape tests that were previously needed in Colorado were done on the vape oil itself, looking for solvents, terpene and cannabis concentration, and other common contaminants. Emissions testing is done on vape cartridge aerosol, which is created when the vape product is heated. This simulates what the customer would inhale when vaping the product, enabling impurities from chemical reactions to be observed and dealt with.

All vape cartridges must be labeled with an expiry date under Colorado’s new legislation. These expiry dates have been determined based on current scientific knowledge of cannabis vape oil shelf stability. The Colorado Cannabis Manufacturers Association, together with Blinc Group Inc., PAX Labs, and the Colorado Cannabis Enforcement Division, recently congratulated the state’s Marijuana Enforcement Division for adopting these new testing criteria. Echo Rufer, PAX Labs’ head of biocompatibility and toxicology, noted in a news release:

“We’re glad to see Colorado maintain its industry-leading cannabis regulation, which is based on research and science.” This is a common-sense progression of testing techniques that not only promotes enhanced consumer safety, but also further distinguishes the legal and illicit markets. Our testing methodologies must change as cannabis products do, and we view aerosol testing and shelf stability testing as two essential elements of that.”

Testing for volatile organic chemicals, for example, is not new to the cannabis sector; the nicotine-based vaping market has long followed norms and standards (VOCs). VOC, heavy metal, carbonyl chemical, and other emissions testing in cannabis vape goods will most likely be based on the same models used in the nicotine e-cigarette sector.

Educating yourself is the first step in self-defense.

Don’t worry if you like to use vape pens to ingest your cannabis; there are safe methods to do so. The presence of harmful chemicals in cannabis vaping oils, such as vitamin E acetate and phytol, drove the 2019 E-Cigarette or Vaping-Use Associated Lung Injury (EVALI) epidemic. These thickening and/or flavor-enhancing chemicals are not inherently dangerous on their own, but they have been linked to lung damage when breathed.

You shouldn’t have any issues as long as you buy your vape devices and cartridges from licensed, state-legal shops. Illegal market dealers who offer these harmful items to unwary customers are the actual perpetrators behind vaping-related ailments. Although state dispensary products are regulated and tested to assure purity, you should still check for batch-specific product testing information to be safe. Testing results for concentrates will always be provided by reputable cannabis firms.

Cannabis vape pens are still a relatively new product, and researchers are currently striving to make them as safe for users as possible. Vaping cannabis will become safer than ever before if additional states follow Colorado’s example and require emissions testing on vape goods.


Ashley Priest is a patient, mother, entrepreneur, and activist who is working to remove prohibition throughout the world for a brighter future for everyone. Ashley is passionate about spreading knowledge about the goddess plant known as cannabis. She thinks that a single seed can tilt the scales, and that by working together to eradicate the stigma around cannabis, we can help it reach its full potential internationally.

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