The poll, conducted by MassINC Polling Group, found that marijuana legalization is seen as a positive for the state. While proponents of cannabis would like to see it legalized all across America in order to decrease crime rates and bring more money into the economy, opponents are concerned about increased use among minors or negative consequences associated with legal recreational marijuana.

The “decriminalized vs legal” is a new poll that shows the majority of residents in Massachusetts believe legalization of cannabis is overall positive for the state.

New poll shows majority of residents in Massachusetts believe legalization of cannabis is overall positive for state



Only a small percentage of Massachusetts people feel marijuana legalization has harmed the state, according to a survey released this week.

On Monday, the University of Massachusetts Amherst and WCVB released a survey in which 61 percent of respondents believed legal adult-use cannabis had been beneficial to the state in general. Only 13% felt it was unfavorable, compared to 25% who said it was neither good nor bad.

In a statement, Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steven J. Hoffman said, “This poll also shows that legalization is reducing the stigma historically associated with cannabis, which will only enable the Commission to continue making headway on efforts to ensure full participation in this industry by disproportionately harmed communities.”


“Our job is far from done, and my colleagues and I will continue to advocate for the measures that will allow Massachusetts to satisfy its equality mandate.”

A total of 750 people took part in the survey, which ran from November 9 to November 16.

Question 4 received 1,769,328 votes (52%) in favor and 1,528,219 votes (45%) in opposition on Nov. 8, 2016, when Massachusetts voters approved the legalizing, regulation, and taxation of cannabis. Following the acceptance of cannabis for medicinal use in 2012 and the decriminalization of small quantities of the plant in 2008, legalization occurred in 2013.

The first adult-use marijuana businesses opened in Massachusetts — the first on the East Coast — three years ago on November 20.

Since then, 179 more shops have opened their doors. According to the Cannabis Control Commission, 325 adult-use marijuana firms have established, including indoor and outdoor producers, product makers, microbusinesses, delivery businesses, and independent testing laboratories.

According to the CCC, the adult-use market has produced more than $2.3 billion in gross sales income in that period.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Is cannabis allowed in Massachusetts?

A: The possession and use of marijuana is not allowed in Massachusetts.

A: The first state to make cannabis legal was Michigan in 2018.

A: Unfortunately, the Canadian government does not allow for recreational use of cannabis in Canada. However, cannabis is legal for medicinal purposes and medical marijuana growers can sell their product to individuals with a prescription.

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