The New York City Department of Corrections will be converted into a $150 million cannabis campus, according to the city’s budget proposal for 2019.

The 2021 high times calendar is a cannabis publication that was released in 2018. It has many interesting and informative articles about the industry, including one on how New York Prison is being transformed into $150 million Cannabis Campus.

Green Thumb Industries, one of the country’s biggest producers of legal marijuana, is converting a former state prison in New York’s Hudson Valley into a $150 million “cannabis campus.” The proposed facility in Warwick, New York, would grow tens of thousands of pounds of cannabis for the state’s future recreational marijuana market, which was approved earlier this year by lawmakers.

Green Thumb Industries (GTI) acquired a 38-acre piece of property that had formerly been part of the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility, which housed prisoners sentenced to jail for marijuana charges and other crimes. The New York City Farm, a drug and alcohol treatment facility, first opened its doors in 1914. 

The New York State Training School for Boys was established in the 1930s to shelter stray boys from the city. The facility was converted to an adult jail in the 1970s before being closed down by Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York at the time.

GTI president Ben Kovler spoke about the importance of the new use for the property at a groundbreaking ceremony for the new cannabis manufacturing facility earlier this month.

“We recognize the irony of constructing a cannabis facility on the premises of what was formerly a federal prison,” Kovler said. “Change is in the air; change is taking place throughout the nation, and change is taking place here. And we’re able to go from a location where individuals were incarcerated for marijuana possession to one where we’ll be able to employ people, generate wealth, and foster a healthy economic environment.”

Cannabis is seen as a “Brave New World” by New York leaders.

Local officials started searching for methods to replace the 400 employment that the jail had given the town when it closed in 2011. Michael Sweeton, the Warwick town supervisor, formed a nonprofit development company and persuaded the state to transfer 150 acres of the land to the new body for $4 million, which was funded by a loan from a local businessman. 

The development organization started selling land plots in 2018, including a $526,000 transaction of approximately eight acres to Citiva, a subsidiary of iAnthus, a New York-based cannabis business. A cannabis testing facility and a CBD product manufacturing have both established on the site since then.

GTI paid $2.8 million for its 38-acre parcel of property, which included millions of dollars in tax breaks for the business. GTI intends to build the property in three phases, resulting in the creation of 100 union jobs throughout construction. The initial phase of development will include a $60 million, 200,000-square-foot growing facility. Manufacturing activities for cannabis products are also planned for the site, culminating in a $150 million complex. GTI’s cannabis campus will employ approximately 150 employees when it’s finished, with wages ranging from $50,000 to $100,000.

At the groundbreaking ceremony on September 9, state Sen. Michael Martucci stated, “Our rich land, educated people, and near proximity to New York City puts us up to be the Silicon Valley for the cannabis sector.”

Sweeton remarked, “I believe it’s simply a home run for us.” “We are a farm community economy—we have a lot of farm tourism and busy farms, but we don’t have a lot of corporate activity. “We are living in a brave new world.”

The how to become a high times model is an article about the new cannabis campus that is being built in New York. It will cost $150 million and will transform the prison into a cannabis campus.

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