The Original Green House Kush is a strong, indica-dominant hybrid of the OG Kush and the Greenhouse seeds of Larry OG Kush. This hybrid has won several awards, including first place at the Sun Cup in Amsterdam, the 4th place at the High Times Cup in Amsterdam, and the 3rd place at the High Times Cup in Madrid.

I’m a medical cannabis patient in California, and I’m lucky to have access to some of the best medical cannabis in the world.

The strain of cannabis that I’ve been growing for the last two years is an indica dominant hybrid strain called “Loud Low”. I started growing this strain when I was trying to find an indica that would give me the pain relief without the heavy body stone. The strain did not disappoint; it offered me pain relief without the body stone. It’s effects were very calming and really helped me relax. In the last two years I’ve harvested over 10 jars of the strain.. Read more about og kush strain and let us know what you think.

word-image-14768-rotated There’s an expression I’ve been hearing a lot lately. The expression in my feelings is consistent with what I’ve read about how other cultures express the experience of depression (I’m thinking of I have a sadness in me, from my Irish ancestors), as if emotions are jackets we take on and off, rather than using the designation I am. This is what life with depression is like. Sometimes, usually, your lordship is happy, malleable, pleasant. But sometimes I have to close the door, close the curtains and paint everything black, you know what I mean? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for GTHQ. This is the first Thanksgiving since my mom died. Did I mention I’m getting a divorce? Yes.   I was more into my feelings than the Alexandria survivors of The Walking Dead after Nygan. One might wonder which of us has experienced the most personal tragedy in the past year. Okay, my life isn’t exactly a zombie apocalypse, but they’re not real, and I probably aren’t either (it’s entirely possible that the world is a holographic simulation, and if it is, my controller is broken, and I wasn’t trying anyway). I mean, poor Glenn should have been dead a long time ago, but did you really have to blow his brains out in graphic style? I’ll never see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as he was (he was a father figure in Supernatural before he became the main psychopath in this season of TWD, and the way things are going with the Winchesters now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he returned from hell). And I hear Chandler Riggs is leaving the show, so we can expect Carl to be bitten soon, which is fine by me. I can’t wait until Rick stops acting like a bitch. Speaking of which. The Lord would have continued to swim in the murky waters of the Cimmerian seas of his disgusting and vile sensibilities, were it not for the cannabis samples the D.C. breeding community has so generously offered me this harvest season, like Loud Lowe’s OG Kush. I’ve been watching his growth with excitement for months. He keeps posting beautiful, frosty photos of his plants growing in the ground, and I was overjoyed when he told me the treatment of one of my favorite varieties was complete. The beautiful buds are loose but well structured, nicely groomed and shiny with trichomes. The sour pine aroma is pungent and slightly sweet. word-image-14769 Lowe’s loud picture A light, steady smoke. Lowe and I smoked a few cigarettes in my old neighborhood. I barely coughed on the slippery wood as the conversation continued. Under the influence of a heavy dose of his OG Kush, I felt invigorated and easy to communicate with, until my mental mechanisms shut down and I smashed my brain into a big white wall. In my usual small doses, these Flowers still play great, eliminate fears like Dallas’ offensive line, but don’t leave you exhausted like some defenses did in the fourth quarter. Oops, am I early, Washington? So, if you’re just frustrated because you got beat by Team America or Team Murica, depending on which sport you follow in DC, or if you’re just feeling discouraged after the turkey feast, I definitely recommend the OG Kush. Especially when you can get organic produce from the best Initiative 71 producers in Washington, like Loud Lowe. Be sure to follow him on Instagram for more great cannabis photos. And if you really want to sympathize with this pointless and pathetic struggle, let’s talk about my imaginary team.If you’re a fan of medical marijuana then you’ve probably heard of Loud Lowe or Loud LOL or even LOL or Loud, all of which are variations of the same name. I live in LA and it’s LA, it’s very hard to get the best strains unless you know your budtender.. Read more about top 10 kush strains and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does OG Kush CBD get you high?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. If you’re wondering what the buzz is about, OG Kush is a popular cannabis strain named for the website, which, according to its website is a “free online resource for all things OG Kush”. In fact, this strain seems to be so popular that there are actually a couple of other cannabis strains named after it!

Is OG Kush good for beginners?

Cannabis has been around for thousands of years. It has been used medicinally for centuries and used recreationally by Hippies for decades. Although marijuana is grown wild in many parts of the US and Canada, there is one type of cannabis that is cultivated specifically for the purpose of making medical marijuana–OG Kush. If you’re new to marijuana, you may be confused about which strains are good for you. Some people criticize OG Kush, claiming it’s too strong and others claim it’s not strong enough. Based on personal experience, I would say that OG Kush is good for beginners because it has a strong, pungent smell and flavor. Without a doubt, the best way to learn about a strain is to sample it. But if you get overwhelmed by the smell and don’t want to waste it, you can definitely get an idea from the effects.

Is OG Kush top shelf?

Is a top shelf OG Kush worth the money? That is what I am here to find out. With all the buzz about this strain, I got the question posed to me… is an OG Kush top shelf? The world is full of marijuana strains of which many have been bred for specific purposes. There is a variety of medical and recreational strains of the same species, as well as a variety of indica and sativa strains  that can have varying effects on the user. The most commonly known medical strains are those that have been bred and refined to be used for specific diseases and conditions. Two of the most common strains of this type are strains that are used for medical purposes are known as indica and sativa .

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