So, here we are, at the end of another year and there is not one, oh, did I mention, not one new product to talk about! Well, for all of you regular readers of this blog, you know that I am not about to let this happen! This is why I came up with the idea of Purple Lambo, which is a monthly update of new cannabis products. I will take a look at a product and review it for you, then in next months Purple Lambo update I will provide you with a brief review of the brand and products.

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my blog, and since I’ve been experimenting with different strains lately, I figured why not share? This strain was provided to me by a buddy of mine and is a nice Kush hybrid that produces a deep earthy scent, with a light-greenish-purple appearance that’s strikingly similar to the purplish-pink color of the premium lambo I was driving when I first got my license at 17.

Ugh, another guy reviewing a Lambo? I think maybe I’ll stick to cars.

It’s 2019, and we’re still finding new brands jumping into the frenetic rush of gift delivery and pickup services in Washington, each striving to be faster, better, and more unique than those that came before. Pinnacle Product sells collectibles like molded car kits, but they don’t need fancy gimmicks, because these flowers are some of the best I’ve seen since Initiative 71 legalized the possession, cultivation, and sharing of cannabis with other adults. The law doesn’t determine if this applies to velociraptors genetically engineered to respond to your empathic commands, but try telling Lucy she can’t have a purple Lambo anymore and see what happens. No! Get down, girl! I just explained it to the internet! Here, I’ll turn it on for you. Oh. Who is the Cretaceous? That’s it! Yes! 202-749-7588 Delivery and Pickup (DC) Hours : Open every day from 10 am to 1 am! Buy: Collector’s items



We have a few minutes to talk if we’re quiet. Pinnacle Product sells collectibles – car sets, trading cards, the whole nostalgia vibe right now because everyone is so stressed about this alternate timeline, even though aliens are probably real and there will be space battles and stuff, which is good because we’ll need another planet to live on soon. Hey, did you ever think we might be hostile alien invaders? And they will: Oh man, we gave you pyramids and stuff, why … and we can’t seem to hear you because of KABLOOM, suckers !!!!. Then all their energy cubes are ours. word-image-7058 Purple Lambo


Pinnacle Product provided three different types for the gentleman to try: Purple Lambo, Magic Jordan and Blue Dahmer. Each of these colors is aesthetically pleasing, both visually and…. nasal? My spell checker doesn’t like olfactory. The buds are smaller, especially those of the Blue Dahmer, but they are well trimmed to remove excess stems and sugar leaves so they don’t get in the way of those beautiful trichomes. Magic Jordan is the richest in cannabinoid diamonds, but Purple Lambo is not far behind. All samples had perfect density and moisture retention, and were ground to a fine, smooth consistency that reminded me of running my finger over a foam mat (and was also perfect for wrapping in pre-rolled cones). Magic Jordan and Purple Lambo had great noses – MJ’s was lusciously sweet and Lambo’s was exemplary purple, but even sweeter and bolder, like a real Italian espresso compared to the K-Cup. Both smoked incredibly consistently and were full of flavor. The Blue Dahmer is a more traditional dunk, with a rich, earthy, spicy flavor that’s a little tougher, but the competition is tougher than [METAPHOR CENSORED- GOOD DAY TO THE THOUGHT POLICE ! [WE KNOW THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT] word-image-7059 Magic Jordan


Purple Lambo is a strong indica, and it was a tough choice for a busy morning. Improves my mood considerably, enough to get me out of a particularly unpleasant state, but also gives me an appetite. Every morning there is a light breakfast that cannot satisfy Purple Lambo’s appetite. After half an hour I’m hungry, after an hour I’m very hungry. Without coffee, you’ll be right on the couch or in bed. Gentleman love this purple Lambo, but would it be better to save it for a relaxing night in front of the Ventura Brothers or for other more horizontal activities with friends? Strange. Magic Jordan was very reassuring, downright shocking. On the way back I passed friendly faces, and their enthusiastic greeting was answered with my stoic hello, as if their presence at that moment had been foretold in cuneiform prophecies, and I, the high priest of that long-forgotten sect of corridor people, was waiting for them, and they really wanted to meet Chupacabra Khan? So, a little socially awkward, but I could still think clearly, and approved for the day, while staying inside. word-image-7060 Dahmer blue The blue Dahmer was a blessing to the weary gentleman last night. I’ve been working on new content that I can’t show you guys yet (!), and I’ve been decorating my apartment. In the last few stops, I was content to exist, but in Baltimore, I began to build a nest. They even posted pictures, look! Anyway, I didn’t go to bed until eight last night, but after half an ounce of Blue Dammer Jay, I suddenly remembered the forgotten items on the checklist and was motivated to get up, shower and go out. The only seating at the wine bar was a table for four, and standing alone at the bar is a major anxiety trigger, so I had a panic attack, but I got it under control long enough to hide in my phone and enjoy my pinot noir. Anyway, drink up.


The Lord approves all three Pinnacle Product gift samples, with the Purple Lambo receiving the highest score. I’m sure you guys will love these giveaways, and I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on Pinnacle as new products come in, because if it’s something we can look forward to on a regular basis, you’ll want to grab a few new giveaways before they run out. Call 202-749-7588 to schedule an appointment! No, Lucy, I didn’t say we were leaving! Let go of daddy’s hand, please. word-image-7061 PUBLISHED!Purple Lambo (Pinnacle Product) | is a new cannabis genetics from the Pinnacle labs in the Netherlands. The genetics is a cross between Purple Urkle and Amnesia Haze. The plant is a indica-dominant hybrid and has a photoperiod of 14-16 weeks. The flowering time is a little less at 13-14 weeks. The smell of Purple Lambo is a sweet and fruity citrus-smell and has a fruity, sweet flavour with a good body and a long-lasting effect. The smoke is pleasant and pleasantly strong.. Read more about purple lamborghini seeds and let us know what you think.

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