This blog is the story of a friend of mine who is originally from the suburbs of Philly. He is the son of a Jehovah’s Witness preacher. He started smoking weed around 12 and soon became addicted to it. His parents took him to the local JW church and tried to get him to stop. Things didn’t work. He got into some bad shit, and ended up in jail. He was released a few months ago. He went to a drug rehabilitation center and took 90 days of rehab. He is clean and sober and living in a halfway house in the city. He is a good guy and I wanted to share his story with you.

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…and just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, they decided to throw in a “Green Bandit” (kpcbd) with their new strain of Red Poison (tha green bandit). By the way, i would like to say that I am the one and only kpcbd.

word-image-12656 It is helpful to look at your roots from time to time.  In the Mass Roots app, you’ll find a cool community of cannabis enthusiasts in the DMV and around the world.  At first I found it hard to enjoy the local feed, with all the new users (mostly) posting and asking for help finding drugs and getting little response.  I could no longer watch the others struggle.  Anyway, now that I’ve written a handy guide to help people find their own weed, I’ll post my link for new people and enjoy the rest. So I found another great local columnist by the name of BuddyCrocker420.  Your enthusiastic mix of prose and emoji on Red Poison ThaGreenBandit caught my attention and I was going to post it here, but life can be complicated sometimes, Billy.  So you will have to settle for the Gentleman’s Electric Pen this time, but I highly recommend you visit their site. Color is a funny thing.  People in white coats have studied this issue and say that women can distinguish finer shades than men.  Perhaps it has a cherry hue, as the fairer sex claims, but in my opinion this bud is downright shockingly purple. The cure is perfection.  When you press it with your finger, it easily comes off and immediately returns to its place. The complex aroma is reminiscent of dark berries and fresh earth, but again, I’m guided by a woman’s superior sense of smell and mention touches of honeysuckle that I otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.  The substantial nugget smoked like silk in my glass spoon tube – so much so that I took more hits than I had in my lungs!  A simple, self-correcting problem with high quality cannabis that I would take every day. Red Poison offers an invigorating and mentally stimulating experience.  The thoughts came to me with good clarity, calm and orderly as they seem to set up in the ego department.  The plans were efficiently drawn up, the paths to be followed were traced with ease.  The overall satisfaction and acceptance of my situation silenced any concerns, but by the same token, I think this strain is best used in the early evening rather than during the day when you need to be spicy.  Indeed, it is the perfect weed for happy hour.  When the DC government lifts the ban on social drinking and we finally have establishments where we can meet and get to know each other over a joint or a joint. If you and I meet up in the future at a nice, fancy cannabis cafe here in the nation’s capital, I’ll be happy to offer to distill a jay of ThaGreenBandit’s Red Poison as we engage in a lively, rumor-based discussion about whether the growing gray cloud of nanobots plaguing the Midwest is a harbinger of the end of our favorite Zorak Overlords.  Oh, sure, they proved their mastery of quantum S/T aggression technology when they came along and shut down CERN before we turned our poles, but I always say bet on Gu. Oh man, cannabis cafes can’t be that far away.  How did my Time Machine fail? Damn it, Fritz, get that stupid smile off your face and help me make it, horny old robot.This week, you can get one free gourmet cigar from Redder than tobacco. For a limited time, Redder than tobacco has teamed up with the Green Bandit crew to offer one free gourmet cigar from Redder than tobacco. The giveaway is part of Redder than tobacco’s Redder than tobacco Gourmet Cigar Giveaways event.. Read more about red poison seeds and let us know what you think.

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