This week, Native Roots – a Canadian medical cannabis producer – is starting to produce their very own shatter, a form of cannabis concentrate, at their brand new facility in Toronto. In this series, I’ll be documenting my experience while awaiting the arrival of my first batch – and hopefully, my personal journey to becoming a full-time medical cannabis consumer.

Shatter is an edible cannabis concentrate that is used in the making of marijuana edibles. It is a thick, hard substance that is shaped like a peanut. This article will give an overview of shatter, how it is produced, and the various methods of ingestion.

Shatter is a 100% sativa strain that is known to be very potent and can be grown indoors as an indoor grow. Shatter has a strong aroma of fruit and is a very trichome-laden strain, with an average of 14-20% trichomes. The buds are fairly thick and have a very white appearance as well.

Native Roots Apothecary was one of the highlights of my tour of marijuana dispensaries in downtown Denver. The store is located near the 16th Street Mall (opposite Champa St) and is ideal for tourists. His lordship was curious about what awaited these people as they headed to what might be their first cannabis shop. The state-of-the-art black-and-white cannabis-inspired drawings that cover every square inch of the interior walls make a strong impression on visitors who arrive here after a tornado-induced concussion and realize they’re no longer in Kansas. This is Colorado, Dorothy, where they sell weed. Very much so. And if you are over 21, what better time to read my website, or I tell your parents about you, sir, don’t test me today, you can buy some! I just came after a group of exotic and horny women on a Saturday afternoon. Ah, to be young, those beautiful days when all those who might betray you have already seized the opportunity to do so. God, it seems like so long ago! The wait, however, lasted only a few minutes. The prices were certainly high compared to what you could find elsewhere in the city – they were asking $60 for an eighth of the top shelf – but the flowers here didn’t smell any better than anywhere else (see Denver’s foreword for more thoughts on this topic). I also found that the lighting was too dim to see the buttons as well as I would have liked. But they were definitely frozen, no doubt. word-image-11538 After the flowers, it’s now time to look at the available concentrates. My Native Roots Badtender, one of the most receptive people I’ve met during my super-secret mystery research, pulled a shiny box out of the display case to show me. They had four kinds of nug-run, live resin, etc., and I couldn’t take my eyes off this acid-gold tsunami. A gram cost $45, which I thought was expensive, but I was about to ask him to pack it for me when he pointed out that it was a CBD-rich strain. Yuck! It was near the end of my run, and I wasn’t paying attention. Generally, I’m not a fan of the CBD influence, so I turned my attention to the different cutting shuttles they offered. I didn’t see any varieties that looked like the flowers on sale, so it was easier for me to try them. They didn’t look bad and I could buy two grams for $50. I only wanted one, but to save me time, my bath attendant told me it was a BOGO type offer and one would cost more. Okay, you twisted my arms, rascal, I’ll take two! Unless, oops, I run out of money. No problem there either! Native Roots accepts debit cards. word-image-11539 The text is visible under the roller without lighting. In fact, we started these discussions with Native Roots because one of the shutterbugs I bought was called East Coast Alien, and the delicious lyricism of this shutterbug was just too funny for a gentleman to pass up! A bit of ECA for ECA, so to speak. It’s a fairly dark substance, but the clarity is decent, and I can detect a faint pine scent if I press my nose directly against it. The smell is hoarse and unpleasant. Many clipping concentrates produce a dull hum that is easily distinguishable from the clear effects of a quality clipping run. That said, I was most impressed with the power – this drug hits hard, just like Drago! I love the energy and hyperfocus I get from ECA Shatter, which is also good for long walks or filling out TPS reports. Of course, when I’m in this state of excitement, I don’t feel like Chatty Cathy! Enter Boss Hogg #6. This indica hybrid had a much nicer amber color and a sweet, floral and spicy aroma. The taste is still spicy, but not as bad as Alien. Hogg has good power, but doesn’t try to break your brain like ECA does. A tablet calms me down, but doesn’t prevent me from thinking, so I can play Madden without screaming that he’s trying to cheat me out of my money by needlessly annoying my roommates and their various guests, girlfriends, and hunting dogs. It won’t render you unconscious, but it will help you relax and take a nap if you take it late at night. It’s a great hybrid, but it’s best reserved for when you can relax and enjoy it. word-image-11540 Native Roots is one of the most charming dispensaries I visited on my trip to the Mile High City. The prices were high, but that’s what I expect from a business near the 16th Street Mall, and it might not matter if you’re a tourist factoring the cost of two Ubers into their buying decision. I think they need to improve the lighting, but other than that, there were no problems that were not comparable to what I have experienced in downtown Denver. The Boss Hogg #6 from Native Roots is better than the average trimmer I’ve tried. Overall, I had a great experience visiting Native Roots, especially thanks to the friendly and helpful bathroom staff. If you don’t have enough to make the price an issue, the gentleman can recommend this pharmacy.Shatter is a product that was first introduced by Native Roots in 2015 as a premium strain of cannabis flower that was then released as an edible. The product has an intense marijuana taste that is both intoxicating and satisfying.. Read more about native roots locations and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Native roots cash only?

Yes, Native Roots is a cash only cannabis dispensary. The only reason we have this policy is because we believe in the cannabis industry and we believe in our product. We firmly believe that we are the best dispensary in the community, and we have the best product. So, to ensure we have the best product, we want to make sure we purchase it from the best and the most reliable source. Of course Native Roots is cash only, why would we want to receive credit cards and actual money? This also means you have to go to the dispensary to pay for your product; which can be a pain for some people. That’s why we’re giving you a special opportunity to test out Native Roots. We’re going to give you a free gram of shatter to try out their product. All you have to do is go to their website and send in your name and address. We’ll send you a free gram of shatter as soon as we get your address. The more you send, the more you get. We offer this to our customers all the time. The only difference is, we’re giving away a gram of shatter.

What kind of high does shatter give you?

Shatter is a crystal form of medical marijuana resin. It is typically rolled in a paper joint, or “blunt” as they are commonly called, usually broken up by the smoker into small pieces of resin. Shatter can be smoked alone, or as a combination with other forms of THC-infused cannabis. As with most of the other marijuana strains, kush is a sativa-dominant strain. There are actually three different kush strains, but kush as a whole is generally characterized by its light, fluffy buds. It’s effects are said to be euphoric, cerebral, and creative. Its high is known to help in pain management and reduce stress.

How much is a gram of wax in DC?

Wax is a popular method of smoking cannabis, and is used by many cannabis users. However, many people don’t understand the actual gram size of the plant material they are using, and mistakenly believe that it is much larger then it really is. Due to this, there are many people who end up wasting the wax, which is money down the drain. Wax has a wide variety of uses in the cannabis community. From the large amount of concentrates being made from wax, to the wax being used to make dabbing better and easier, it seems that wax is the new craze in the cannabis community. With wax you can dab. Wax comes in a variety of different consistencies, such as: dab, kief, shatter, budder, and wax.

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