Ouch! That’s horrible! I have a sore throat right now, but I’m not coughing up a storm, instead, I’m just feeling a little uncomfortable. I look around and see that many other people are also coughing, including my friends, but they’re coughing up a storm as well. Why am I not coughing?

Marijuana is the latest trend in the world. A lot of people are trying to legalize it and make it legal for medical use. While the risks of using marijuana are very little, a lot of people are suffering from various ailments from the smoking of marijuana. People who suffer from the symptoms of the following conditions are advised to use marijuana as a remedy: Hubby: I can totally relate to the intro paragraph. I have spoken about this with many of my friends and they also have problems with the stubborn stuff stuck in their throats and throats. I have suggested that they try a little honey and water to open their throats and spit it out. Its works for some people.

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Smoking can be very uncomfortable and unsatisfying if it causes irritation in the user’s throat. These symptoms include a persistent cough, a hoarse voice, and a dry, sore throat. The severity of these irritations can vary according to the type of cannabis being smoked or the user’s tolerance to the common irritant in this situation, smoke. The pleasure of several stoners was interrupted by painful sore throats that occurred almost immediately after smoking a stick or two. This applies not only to recreational marijuana smokers, but also to medical patients who use marijuana to relieve the symptoms of their illness. Some users have even been forced to stop using medicinal cannabis because of a sore throat. Most users are unaware that there are other ways to relieve a sore throat without quitting smoking.

Why cannabis users have sore throats after smoking

When someone smokes, it causes dryness in the mouth and throat. This is because toxic chemicals are inhaled along with the tar in the hot, dry air. These particles can irritate the throat. Studies by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIH) have shown that the smoke inhaled when smoking cannabis contains carcinogenic combustion products. That’s reason enough to have a sore throat. Although the user may continue to smoke if their throat is sore and irritated, this is not recommended unless it eliminates the irritation. Photo DESIGNECOLOGIST via Unsplash word-image-8729 If this is new to you, or if you’ve recently had an irritation with a new species and are feeling helpless, don’t feel bad. To help you out, I’ve listed a few solutions that can ease your sore throat and other symptoms the next time you smoke this unique strain.

Solutions for sore throat after smoking

Stay hydrated

Smoking dehydrates the throat and mouth, i.e. it deprives these tissues of necessary moisture and dries them out. Regular smokers should consume at least the recommended daily amount of H2O. Although they have to add almost 50% of the recommended amount. Smoking for hours without drinking water or other liquids can be dangerous. In the absence of moisture, the healthy pharyngeal mucosa becomes loose, resulting in a sore throat and hoarse voice. APPROPRIATE: How do you stop coughing up too much marijuana smoke? Keep your body hydrated with water, no matter how much you want to smoke. Drink water before you smoke, Drink water while you smoke, Drink water immediately after smoking.

Avoid spicy food

Smoking marijuana makes experienced smokers have a good appetite. They are either hungry for grass or hungry for food. In such a situation, spicy food should be avoided to cure the sore throat. The acidic nature of these hot spices can aggravate inflammation. Chili peppers, hot sauces and even nutmeg should be avoided. Photo by Sarah Pflug via Burst word-image-8730 Instead, you should only eat comfort food and enjoy it. For example, ramen, tomato juice and other soothing sauces can help relieve pain and boost your immune system. While it’s common to crave more weed after smoking, eating these calming foods will help satisfy your cravings to some extent. So if you’re going to smoke, make sure you have your favorite non-spicy foods in the fridge. Ice cream is also the best option if you have a sore throat after smoking.

Rinse mouth with warm salt water

Gargling the throat with salt water is an old but effective solution for sore throats. It is also an effective remedy for sore throats. Despite the unpleasant taste, the relief it provides is worth it. Simply heat a small amount of water, add up to 5 tablespoons of salt and stir until the salt dissolves. Then rinse your mouth for at least 30 seconds, spit out the water and rinse your mouth again. Keep going until you feel better. The results are visible within a few minutes or at most a few hours. Cannabis users who do not smoke at home or in places where salt and tap water are readily available usually carry a chloraseptic spray that works in the same way as salt water. Photo by Mayara Klingner/EyeEm/Getty Images word-image-8731

Reduce the amount of cannabis consumed

This doesn’t mean you should stop drinking (that’s a bad idea). This means reducing the number of sticks you smoke. However, if the sore throat is very severe, you may not have to work for a few days. This gives your throat time to heal and not escalate into more serious problems. APPROPRIATE: Is this your first time smoking marijuana? Expect coughing, anxiety and paranoia. By smoking less and less often, you help your throat and sinus tissues stay hydrated and less irritated.


Lick the honey or lemon. Drink a soothing herbal tea with fruit Avoid caffeine or energy drinks Change your usual smoking spot to a better ventilated area. Buy an evaporator or humidifier to remove stale, dry air from your home. Try a different way of using cannabis – smoking and taking supplements. Photo by Itay Kabalo via Unsplash word-image-8732 Steam: This is a discreet way to benefit from the effects of the cannabinoid found in the marijuana variety. He’s also healthier because he’s not breathing dry/warm air. But you can always take resin. Edible foods : Not everyone likes to smoke. Edibles are foods in which an active cannabinoid has been introduced – this can be THC, CBD or both. This is the healthiest way to consume weed – there is no risk of breathing problems while getting high.


If you’ve tried all the above solutions and your throat still hasn’t recovered – it’s still sore and the pain persists – it could be a sign of an underlying condition. In this case consult your doctor as soon as possible. This article was originally published on Cannabis.net and is reproduced with permission.This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.. Read more about throat feels weird after smoking and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have a sore throat after smoking weed?

Getting sick of your sore throat? We’ve all had that moment right before bed when you realize you just won’t be able to sleep. It’s a part of living with a chronic illness, but it can be annoying. The answer to this dilemma is not to take more medicine, but to see a professional. There are many causes of sore throats that are not related to smoking weed, like allergies and sinus infections. You may need to visit a doctor, but in the meantime, here are some of the most commonly used medications for treating sore throats, including the side effects. This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy.

What kills a sore throat fast?

With the cold months coming, there are many people who suffer from a sore throat. This is mainly caused by the dry skin in the air and the lack of hydration. Even though it may seem to be uncomfortable, it is important to find a natural solution that will help you get rid of the symptoms. The best way to do that is to drink hot water with lemon. There are a lot of ways to treat a sore throat, but one of the best strategies is to simply suck on some lozenges or candies. However, there are a few drawbacks with these health remedies, since they can be somewhat inconvenient, and they often have a strong taste. In addition, often the concoctions are not completely natural, as many of these candies contain sugar and artificial flavors. However, there is a way to get rid of a sore throat naturally without the use of any medical products or candies. All you need is a few fresh lemon and ginger slices, as well as a little cooking oil.

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