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It’s the weekend, the skies are clear, and the sweet smell of victory is still in the air after the Capitals finally won the Stanley Cup last night. It’s time to sit back and plan the delivery of your I71 gift, isn’t it? Rabble Dabble has been around for a while (online as Bagged Buds), but I haven’t been there much lately. I don’t like being around other people right now. I have a little purple cactus called Groot that I bought at the hardware store a few months ago and I think it’s still alive. That’s about the level of energy I can now share with other organizations. Jesus, is there a WebMD for cacti? Now, wait a minute. Yeah, I guess that’s good. BECOMING BUTTONS IN BAGS! word-image-10277 Rabble Dabble was kind enough to let me sample their Sunset sorbet recently. This hybrid is another descendant of GS Cookies, this time crossed with Pink Panties. It was seen all over Washington last summer and fall and remains a popular gift. Rabble Dabble’s gift was some dense, feathery bushes with brown hairs and highly visible trichomes. The manicure is a bit uneven, probably machined, so there is still a bit of sugar leaf. The aroma is light but distinctly lemony, with a slight sweetness and little gas. It offers a pleasant and steady smoke with a slight hint of citrus flavor. word-image-10278 Sunset Sherbet by Rabble Dabble goes straight to the heart in the truest sense of the word. Like the effect of a headband, an invisible magical crown, probably made of unicorn hair, lies between my temples and forehead, stretching in a circle as if I were entering a real Snapchat filter. Who doesn’t like filters? Look, I don’t download Snapchat to take selfies with a filter. Lack of time is a good reason. Seriously, though. I’m not going to do that. Just shut up. word-image-10279 Shit, man, you look like you’re in high places. The main effect is increased visual stimulation, and despite its power, I remain mentally agile, in a calm and relaxed mood. I don’t get tired at all, even after a few consecutive blows to the face, which makes these flowers an extremely flexible choice for whatever type of activity you have in mind, although I have found that my mind wanders a bit, and without a solid buffer against depression, the path sometimes leads to my inner Mordor, a catalog of all my sins and mistakes. Yes, brain, I remember the snowman incident. Thirty years later, in mid-June, what exactly do I have to say about this? Sadistic. Okay, Rabble Dabble’s sunset sorbet may not be in my medicine cabinet, but if you look like a normal person who isn’t haunted by the slightest misstep, I’m sure you’ll find it very useful. You can arrange for Rabble Dabble’s delivery online at their website,

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