If you’ve ever been curious about how cannabis distillation works, read on. The process of distillation involves heating the cannabis plant material to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for a period of time. This is done in order to separate the psychoactive effects from the cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant. The psychoactive compounds present in marijuana, THC and CBD, are found on the surface of the cannabis plant. The process of distillation is only effective when the temperature is high enough to remove these compounds.

Cannabis concentrates are a hot topic in the marijuana community. Many people are intimidated about how to use them, and are unsure how to dose them. To help with this, here are some tips on how to use cannabis oil and how to dose it. You’ll find it’s much easier than you think to use cannabis concentrates.

Welcome to the future, baby! It may be a new year, but we still have the same old problems. Global tensions are rising on a wave of nationalist anger. Increasing economic inequality, which will grow exponentially with automation. Hey, don’t look at Fritz! It’s useless, I promise you. And, wait, did anyone see all those psychotic clowns running around last year? word-image-12193 Oh yes, they run the country now. At least I have hash for the fire. Gentleman is always looking for new delivery companies to share with you, because he knows some people just can’t make it to events like Hash Bazaar. And there’s no question I get asked more often than where to find concentrates in Washington. So when I came across Silly Bees, LLC (www.sillybeesllc.com), a cannabis delivery service in Washington DC (UPDATE: they do a lot of events now) with pictures of some of the best extracts to choose from, as well as colors and edibles, they were high on my list of delivery services I’d like to try. word-image-12194 As I browsed through the available products, I was very tempted by the Mendo Breath shutterbug (I’ve seen this strain so many times on Instagram), but the OG Kush Breath sugar wax just looked divine. There’s no cash register, no credit card processing, it’s old fashioned. The website has a page of contact information, but it also lists a phone number. I prefer a more direct method, so I sent a request on Thursday at 9pm and received a reply within minutes confirming my address and the donation requested. The price was reasonable, so I accepted. They said they would be there in thirty minutes, and sent me a text message saying they would be there in thirty-five minutes. Wow! It’s incredibly fast. The driver was friendly, introduced himself and handed me my gift in a white paper bag with contact information on the front. I ran upstairs to watch the gentleman’s Christmas present unfold. Dab! Oh, you shouldn’t have! Rats! And look, they match your eyes so well. …. word-image-4549 This may take a while… Ahem. The packaging of the concentrate itself was very impressive. Double layer silicone sheets folded in an envelope with the logo of none other than Terpenstein! Okay, now I was on fire. I tried some Turpenstein from King Weedy a few months ago at a NORML meeting in DC and was immediately impressed with the clarity of the effect. With a pill, it’s like flipping a switch in my cerebral cortex – my brain is activated. This product is advertised as having zero PPM – it was. Oh, wait. Did I mention the free sample of Gelato Cookies #55 that came with my order?  I didn’t even say I was a gentleman! This mission has been incognito and fanatically interesting so far. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. word-image-12195 First: The product I received looks exactly like the picture I saw online. The acidic aromas unfold on the leaf, providing sweetness and citrus. Wasting no time, I took the flare from my Budder pot with a squeeze of lemon and made a sweet, delicious dab. Oh, yeah. It was Dr. Terpenstein’s crazy thing. My mood immediately improved. I felt relaxed yet alert, mentally limber and ready to accomplish my daily tasks. This OG Kush Breath sugar wax is ideal for daytime use. word-image-12196 Newton strawberry-banana-ginger Since then, I’ve tried the Mendo Breath shard I had my eye on (the transparency is incredible) and the rich and complex Terpene Newton Strawberry Banana Fig, all from Terpenstein. Both justified the earlier media hype. In fact, this entire review could have been written with just Terpenstein, and that’s all you would have needed to know, but I’ll have to make do with all the complicated words, or they’ll replace me with an angry hyper-intellectual ape who will no doubt conquer these lands under the rapacious fingers of his mighty primate army….. word-image-12197 Honestly, you wouldn’t even notice the difference? Here’s how. Terpenstein. Delivered. Are you still there, officer? A big congratulations to Silly Bees (and follow them on Instagram)! And a good year!

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