The Cannabinoid Institute is a not-for-profit organization based in Mexico that provides medical cannabis certification courses for physicians in Mexico. We provide certification in the areas of clinical research, patient care, and application of cannabis therapeutics for patients suffering from chronic and/or debilitating conditions. Our goals are to facilitate the therapeutic use of cannabis and provide the healthcare practitioners that are qualified in the use of medical cannabis with a recognized certification.

The Cannabinoid Institute (CI) is a cannabis certification institution based in Mexico, offering education courses in the field of medical cannabis. Our goal is to provide the health sector of Mexico with the most advanced and best qualified medical professionals for the effective and responsible use of medical cannabis.



On Friday, July 23, the Cannabinoid Institute (TCI) announced the availability of a Spanish version of their well-regarded online medical cannabis training certification for Mexican doctors and other healthcare professionals. Since both medicinal and recreational cannabis became legal in Mexico this month, TCI is focused on assisting doctors who prescribe cannabis to fulfill the needs of their patients. In Mexico, legalization comes after years of stigmatization. Because medical schools have regarded cannabis as a prohibited drug for decades, many doctors in Mexico are ignorant of the plant’s therapeutic benefits, just as they are in the United States. As a result, most doctors are only aware of the dangers of marijuana addiction and are unaware of the subtleties of cannabis prescription or the possibility for drug-drug interactions.

“We were worried that doctors would be unable to prescribe cannabis to their patients without the necessary assistance. And we recognized that our expertise would contribute to closing the gap “Dr. Jan Roberts, TCI’s founder, said. “At the end of the day, patient safety is our first priority.”

TCI courses will now be accessible in Spanish, and Spanish-speaking clinicians will have access to live monthly grand rounds in both English and Spanish. Clinicians will also earn eight hours of ACCME tier-1 credit, enabling foreign doctors to keep up with the latest scientific knowledge of the endocannabinoid system and its function in medicine while meeting their educational obligations.

TCI provides science-based, certified training on cannabis and the endocannabinoid system to assist physicians better understand the applications and best practices for medical cannabis, as well as to help patients avoid negative side effects. Only around 10% of medical schools in the United States and overseas provide training on the endocannabinoid system and medicinal cannabis. TCI addresses all elements of cannabinoid research from a patient-first, scientific-based, objective viewpoint, while many cannabis training programs concentrate on the “sin and stigma” of cannabis or portray cannabis as if it were a panacea that could cure any ailment.

TCI was established by Dr. Jan Roberts and Dr. Stacia Woodcock with the aim of reducing negative patient outcomes and ensuring physicians can offer their patients with the most up-to-date information. “Unfortunately, I’ve seen some bad medical choices made by doctors who don’t have a scientific knowledge of the ECS or cannabis, and those mistakes have had a major effect on my patients,” Roberts said. “As a consequence, I made the decision to begin TCI.”

TCI differs from previous cannabis education programs in that it offers training designed by clinicians, for doctors, and was born out of Dr. Roberts’ study on physicians’ understanding and attitudes regarding cannabis at NYU. Participants may finish the course at their own speed and customize their learning experience using TCI’s online platform. After completing their certification, participants will be allowed to attend monthly ‘Grand Rounds’ to concentrate on minimizing possible patient adverse reactions and drug-drug interactions.

According to Dr. Roberts: “TCI is attempting to utilize technology to establish a global cannabis education program for doctors and other clinicians across the globe. Cannabis regulations differ from nation to country, providing an unequal playing field in science and treatment. We want to offer the finest cannabis education to people all around the globe, and TCI Mexico is only the beginning of a global education and application system.”

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