In the United States, marijuana is known as a Schedule 1 drug. In other countries, weed is not classified this way and more liberal policies exist that allow for cannabis to be prescribed by doctors. However, there are still risks associated with smoking or inhaling too much of the plant’s active ingredient THC.

The “how long to quarantine after breakthrough covid” is a question that has been asked for quite some time. It is not clear how long it should be, but if you are experiencing a lot of weed, then you should consider quarantining the plant.



Experts are focusing their efforts on determining what elements make someone more likely to get a breakthrough COVID case. According to new study, consuming marijuana might be one of them.

According to researchers at the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), having a substance use disorder (SUD), particularly if you use marijuana, might enhance your odds of obtaining a breakthrough COVID case.


When a person’s recurring use of a substance, such as alcohol or drugs, results in clinically significant impairment, such as health, relationship, or financial issues, they are diagnosed with SUDs.


Vaccinated persons without the disease had fewer breakthrough instances than those with SUD in the research. Depending on the drug consumed, the danger was also increased.

What Is COVID-19, a Breakthrough?

A breakthrough COVID-19 case occurs when a person contracts the virus despite being completely vaccinated. COVID-19 may still cause mild or severe sickness in individuals who have been vaccinated, but the odds of a major case are very rare, particularly in those who do not have a chronic health condition.

Researchers discovered that SUDs alone did not explain for higher risk after adjusting for other variables such as underlying health issues, housing challenges, and economic hardships—except in the case of cannabis use disorder (CUD). The research was published in the journal World Psychiatry in October.

“Those [with CUD] had a much higher risk that looked to come down to the specific drug that was being overused,” says Pamela B. Davis, MD, PhD, dean of Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine and research author. “However, the incidence of breakthrough infections is still quite low. These are exceptional vaccinations.”


What Does This Mean to You?

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a drug use problem or consumes substances on a regular basis, particularly cannabis, taking additional COVID measures might be beneficial. Obtaining vaccinated, or getting a booster when one becomes available, may help you stay safe, whether or not you restrict your drug use.

Cases of Substance Abuse and Breakthroughs

Researchers studied data from a large sample size of almost 580,000 people to better understand breakthrough risks linked with SUDs. The majority had not been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, but 30,183 had. Between December 2020 and August 2021, everyone had been properly vaccinated and had not caught COVID-19 previous to immunization. 

A breakthrough case was reported in 3.6 percent of immunized persons without an SUD in the trial. Meanwhile, depending on the drug, 6.8% to 7.8% of individuals with SUD had breakthrough infections. CUD posed the greatest danger.

Researchers initially accounted key factors like age, gender, and race to better understand these discrepancies. Despite this, the likelihood of a breakthrough was shown to be considerably greater in adults with most SUDs compared to those with comparable demographic backgrounds who did not have a diagnosis.


Then Rong Xu, PhD, head of Case Western Reserve University’s Center for AI in Drug Discovery and research author, sought to determine whether other life circumstances had a role in the elevated risk.


“People with drug use problems often have more comorbidities,” she says Verywell, adding that they may also experience more social and economic issues.


Except for individuals with CUD, “the risk difference vanished” when Xu and colleagues controlled for lifetime comorbidities such as hypertension, cancer, and other mental diseases, as well as unfavorable socioeconomic determinants of health.



As a result of comorbidities and unfavorable socioeconomic determinants of health, our findings show that patients with SUDs are at increased risk for COVID-19 breakthrough. The only disorder that increased risk solely based on drug and associated behaviors was cannabis use.


They also discovered that SUD patients who got the Pfizer vaccination had a greater probability of a breakthrough than those who received Moderna.

What’s the deal with cannabis?

According to Davis, Xu, and colleagues, there are distinct dangers associated with cannabis use.

Marijuana, for example, may have a physical effect on you. “We know that drug abuse may affect a variety of physiological systems, including the immunological and cardiovascular systems,” Xu explains.


Chronic cannabis usage has been related to an increased risk of respiratory and pulmonary problems, as well as immune system damage. More study is required. 3


Davis, a pulmonologist, believes that smoking marijuana “is a fantastic irritant for your airways.”


“There’s a lot of airway inflammation,” she explains. “Many individuals not only inhale through their mouths, but also through their noses. An inflamed respiratory system is an ideal environment for a virus to take hold.”


“It emerges that COVID is no exception,” she says, adding that persons who smoke frequently have a greater prevalence of respiratory illnesses.


Apart from the health impacts of smoking, Xu and Davis believe that patients with CUD are more prone to participate in actions that spread the virus. Sharing marijuana cigarettes, bongs, or other smoking equipment, as well as inhaling and exhaling smoke in close proximity to other individuals, are examples of these activities.


What Is Cannabis Addiction?

Cannabis users may not all meet the criteria for cannabis use disorder. Health experts should only diagnose it if specific criteria are satisfied, according to the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. These are some of the criteria:4

  • A harmful cannabis usage pattern that causes clinically substantial impairment or suffering.
  • Cannabis is often used in higher quantities or for longer periods of time than anticipated.       
  • There is a continuing desire to reduce or restrict cannabis usage, as well as failed attempts to accomplish so.       
  • A lot of time is spent on tasks that are required to get cannabis, consume cannabis, or recuperate from the effects of cannabis.       
  • A strong desire or drive to consume cannabis is known as a craving.     

Getting Rid of Your Risk Factors

Researchers continue to find new individuals at risk for severe COVID-19 infections.

“People in general, and especially those being treated for drug use disorder, should certainly be driven to take the vaccination,” Davis says.

At the same time, Davis is concerned about all of the untreated health issues that have arisen as a result of the epidemic, including SUDs.


“One of the things that has concerned me about the epidemic is that people haven’t always paid attention to treating the illnesses they already have,” she adds. “These things, in turn, become COVID risk factors.”


So, whether you have diabetes, heart disease, an SUD, or another ailment, it’s critical that you and your physicians stick to your treatment plan.


“One of the consequences of the epidemic is that individuals have shied away from ordinary chronic illness therapy,” Davis says.


This article’s material is current as of the date mentioned, so it’s possible that fresh information will be accessible by the time you read it. Visit our coronavirus news page for the most up-to-date information on COVID-19.

Breakthrough COVID-19 is a condition that can occur when someone consumes too much weed. The condition causes the person to experience an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels. Reference: sud and covid.

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