The kpcbd is back with another top-shelf strain showdown! This time, we’re taking things to the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had a presence in the Pacific Northwest for a long time. These areas of the country have a lot to offer, and we believe that they are some of the best places in the country to find cannabis. We’ve put together a list of three of the best strains that we’ve found in the Pacific Northwest, and we’re going to do a head-to-head comparison.

Many people think that medical and recreational marijuana are the same thing. While this is not the case, many people find themselves in a legal limbo. In order to purchase medical marijuana in Spokane, you are required to have a doctor’s note and you must have one of the qualifying conditions. Recreational marijuana, on the other hand, can be purchased by anyone with an identification, but you will need to be at least 21 years of age.

Ok, so maybe the comparison between marijuana and wine isn’t totally apt, but the growing popularity of cannabis-infused edibles means that the need for discerning taste buds is no joke. In fact, a recent marijuana strain showdown took place in Washington state, where judges sampled the finest marijuana-infused products to determine the tastiest (and highest quality) edibles.

Shh. The first part of i502 Drew’s Spokane Top Shelf Showdown, about the varieties he got at Satori North, can be found here. For your information: You can also find most of these products in Seattle. Okay, okay, I’ll let you do that, I know you’re busy right now, but is it really that hard to pick up the phone and call your old GT? He’s so excited, you know. Golden Gage by Sonic Green The best thing about a high-end gram bag? The highest quality product is completely dry, but with all the flavours intact – it is fully dried. The nuggets seem light and airy, but part of what is missing is excess water. The stinky smell reminds me of C99, which makes me wonder to what extent I can identify the OG Kush family by the smell alone. Fast acting, focused energy and great mental clarity. It begins with a distinct sensation arising at the base of the skull, but make no mistake: Golden Gage is not an advertisement. It offers little or no relaxation, but strongly stimulates the mind and body. word-image-4220 To produce this variety, the Golden Goat clone from Colorado took pollen from Joseph. The resulting Golden Gage is an energetic blend of Hawaiian sativa lineage (Sweet Island Skunk > Golden Goat) and Sour Diesel’s lemon-flavored blend of OG (Joseph OG). A gram is expensive, 20% more expensive than Blue Bird and Goji OG. But don’t expect to find this rare variety on the shelves of many stores in Washington State, let alone Wisconsin or Georgia. Bluebird of North Coast Growers When the seal is broken, I think I understand what the blue bird is. Blueberry and Kush. Sweet, gassy, DJ Short Blueberry – but not like Purpleberry anymore, no, Purple Kushberry. I mean, seriously, this thing stings. The thick, sweet smell permeates not only my nostrils, but the entire room. I don’t usually like strong indies, but this one I’m smoking now. The color has a deep purple base with thick clumps of bright orange and a scattering of bright green. word-image-4221 It is sticky and dense, which makes for a pleasant slow burn. It’s surprisingly easy to open (even roll or carry with one hand), and the flavor is sweet and tart, as if behind the classic blueberry is a purple variety. It’s a first-class challenge that will make you drool. …. Hey, look! You’re drooling in the bong, man! I’d like to fill another bowl, but I’ve learned to respect the truly breathtaking power of DJ Short’s legendary strain. A few big swigs, and tell me something: It’s time to sit down. Just a little while longer and chances are I’ll be swimming enough to realize I’m afraid of heights. Goji OG from House of Cultivar Remember when the wild afgooey turned out to be the pheno of the Maui Haze, the dominant pheno of the Afgoo heavy? You know, the resinous, dull light green foxtails that really lift the spirit but also satisfy the indica lover’s taste? It’s like 2012, man! It’s 2017, and something has to raise the bar. This is the Goji OG from House of Cultivar. Goji OG, another creation of the Bodhi Seeds breeders, is a hybrid of Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. Like Golden Gage, it is described as an 80/20 hybrid with sativa dominance. But not everything is the same. It’s always stimulating, centering, and gives me a lot of focus, but the Goji OG has a relaxing element. In small doses, it helps relieve the anxiety and restlessness that many users experience when using sativa strains. At high doses, results vary from person to person. word-image-4222 For me, unless there is 3-4 hours between doses, the sedative properties start to increase faster than the uplifting properties. Not that it has the same power as Bluebird, but I always tend to forget why I entered the room, more and more as I get high. For others, it’s just the right way to do the job. Winner? I am, yes. At Satori North, I found three great varieties to smoke. Which flower won, smarty pants? Hey, easy on the aggressive fat font! Each of these three options addresses a different audience, and each brings its own benefits. There were a few small pockets on the Goji OG – a sign that the plant has wilted and started producing seeds – but most people won’t notice that, so I’m not going to blame House of Cultivar just yet. Sonic Green’s Golden Gage was immediately worth the extra cost because it was fully dried (still tart), and there’s no denying that this strain is the connoisseur’s choice. If there is one best strain of all, it is the Blue Bird variety from North Coast Grower.As part of an upcoming series, the KPCB Pot Blog will be hosting a series of strain showdowns between flower from three different shops. The goal of this series is to help the community narrow down which strains they should be spending their money on. We will be visiting each shop to evaluate the flower from a number of angles, including smell, looks, and overall effect and strength. What makes this series even more fun is that in each showdown, we will be pitting flower from one shop against another, rather than a specific strain. This will give us the opportunity to test out a few different shops, and will also allow us to try strains that may only be available in one shop over another.. Read more about 420 dispensary washington and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest rated strain on Leafly?

Were you searching for the highest rated strain on Leafly? The most reviewed strain on Leafly? Or the strain with the most 5-star reviews? Well, there’s good news. Leafly has all of that and more. In fact, Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. We have 10.2 million user reviews on over 5,000 strains. Boom! Done. Three blog posts all at once! By the way, that was an actual blog post that ran on a real blog and everything. I just got paid to write it. The world of cannabis is constantly evolving, as new breeds and new uses for the drug are being discovered and explored. One of the most notable evolutions in the world of weed has been the emergence of the cannabis review website Leafly, which, after being named the Best App of 2014 by Apple, has been gaining popularity with each passing month. Some say the app is the greatest thing to happen to cannabis since the legalization of the drug, while others say it’s just another way to get high without actually smoking a joint.

What is the best indica strain 2019?

Considered the “best indica strain 2019” by many, Blueberry remains a best-selling favorite for good reason. Combining two powerful indica strains, Blueberry is one of the strongest strains on the market and is highly recommended for nighttime use. A powerful relaxation is the result of Blueberry’s strong sedative effects, making this one of the best strains for insomnia. The euphoric, happy mood leads to a sense of general well-being and happiness. The high THC level of Blueberry means that cannabis newbies should proceed with caution. The indica plant is certainly one of the most popular strains of cannabis available today – and for good reason. They tend to induce a heavy, full-body sensation that for many is the perfect compliment to a long day’s work. While sativa strains are known for providing a more cerebral, energetic high, indica strains are the perfect choice for those who want to relax and unwind from a long day’s work.

What are top shelf strains?

This text is sensitive. Click edit and regenerate for new copy. The world of cannabis has entirely changed over the last few decades. With the legalization of medical marijuana in many states, the stigma surrounding the plant has all but disappeared. And while there are plenty of people out there who simply want to get high and enjoy the buzz, there also are those who insist that when it comes to cannabis, only the best will do.

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