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In fifty years, where will cannabis be? Legalization opponents will say that it’s a question that should never have to be answered. They’ll say that if we have the freedom to smoke a joint for a medicinal purpose, we have the freedom to smoke a joint for any reason. But we can’t let that be the end of the discussion. We must figure out how to make cannabis a great tool for good in the world. We must figure out how to make it part of a useful toolbox of choices in life. We must figure out how to make it a “life-enhancing” drug. We must do all of this before it is too late.

Despite a federal government crackdown on cannabis dispensaries and growers across the nation, one valley town in California is bucking the trend and becoming a hub for those in the legal drug trade. It’s just not what you’d expect.. Read more about veriheal reviews and let us know what you think.

Adults in Ohio may soon be able to consume cannabis recreationally. Cannabis legalization would increase your home worth, according to a study, and billionaire Charles Koch is spending $25 million pushing for federal cannabis legalization.

Transcript of the video:

The state of Ohio has received its first recreational legislative proposal.

now a new research indicates that legalizing cannabis raises property prices.

This am Lo from Veriheal, and I’ll keep you updated on the newest cannabis news.

Cannabis legalization boosts property value, according to research.

If you’re worried that legalizing marijuana may lower the value of your house, don’t be. 

Clever Real Estate conducted a new research that looked at the connection between residential property value and cannabis legalization using data from Zillow and the US Census, among other sources. 

The research found that legalizing cannabis raises property values.

Furthermore, recreational states that incorporate retail outlets show higher growth than medical-only ones.

The following are some significant findings from this research:

  • Property prices in recreational states rose by almost $17,000 higher between 2017 and 2021 than in medical jurisdictions.
  • Cannabis taxes encourage additional investment in sectors like public services and infrastructure, which leads to increased demand for real estate and greater property prices and income.
  • Higher house prices are linked to communities with more dispensaries, indicating that legalization promotes job creation and economic development.

So, if you’re seeking to purchase a house, think about moving to a state where marijuana is legal. 

Adult Use Legislation Is Introduced in Ohio

Following that, Ohio may be one of the first states to explore legalizing recreational marijuana. 


Reps. Casey Weinstein and Terrence Upchurch have proposed a measure that would legalize cannabis while also establishing a regulatory framework.

The bill proposes legalizing up to five ounces of cannabis for people 21 and older, as well as allowing up to 12 plants to be grown at home and expunging previous cannabis convictions. 

“This law is about more than simply legalizing; it’s about economic and workforce development, decriminalization, and healthcare,” Upchurch said. The moment has come, and I am looking forward to completing this in a bipartisan manner.”

So, if you’re in Ohio, keep an eye out! 

Charles Koch to Contribute to Federal Cannabis Legalization Lobbying  

Last but not least, 

Cannabis legalization on the federal level may now have a strong financial backer.

Billionaire Charles Koch, the CEO of Koch Industries and a supporter of libertarian and republican causes, recently stated that he will devote $25 million of his $45 billion wealth to influencing marijuana legalization.

“It should be the individual’s choice,” he said in a Forbes interview. Prohibition is a waste of time. It devastates people’s lives, causes social strife, and is anti-progress. The entire thing was a jumble to me.”

Will Charles Koch be the hero who sways the much-needed Republican support while Sen. Schumer’s federal legalization plan remains uncertain? 

Let us know what you think! 

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Lo is a millennial parent who is striving to make the most of her life. She’s passionate about travel, design, cuisine, and advocating for safe cannabis use.

There’s a lot going on in the cannabis world from all over the world. This week’s roundup includes a recent study showing that cannabis use is linked to increased mortality risks. The study suggests that regular cannabis use during adulthood could shorten lifespan by as much as nine years. A new study is showing that the cannabinoid CBD can help reduce the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.. Read more about veriheal dispensary and let us know what you think.

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