You know the drill. Whatever happened this week.

As usual, the cannabis industry showed lots of enthusiasm for the Fourth of July, which is a great holiday for the cannabis industry. The National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) released its annual report for the year, which showed that half of the adult population in the United States now have a positive opinion of cannabis. The report also showed that cannabis is now legal in a majority of states, plus three countries, and will be legal for recreational use in Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada, as well as nine other states.

This week’s main cannabis news items: Marijuana legalization is coming to Canada and we are all going to be able to buy it next year. Scientists will be able to grow weed in a lab instead of in the wild. Using DNA, scientists for the first time will be able to create the exact marijuana strain you want. The company that makes glass bongs has been sold for $1.8 billion. The company that makes ceramic pipes has been sold for $1.8 billion. The company that makes grinders has been sold for $1.8 billion. The company that makes rolling papers has been sold for $1.8 billion. The company that makes vape pens has been sold for $1.8 billion. The company that makes pens. Read more about veriheal reviews and let us know what you think.

Major cannabis-related bills are up for a vote in Congress. A hotel in Arizona is attempting to become the world’s first cannabis-friendly hotel. In the aftermath of Sha’Carri Richardson’s controversy, Megan Rapinoe addresses her sister’s CBD business.

This week, Congress passed several cannabis-related changes.

And a hotel in Arizona is aiming to be the world’s first cannabis-friendly establishment.

This am Lo from Veriheal, and I’ll keep you up to speed on the newest cannabis news.

Cannabis is up for debate in Congress. 

In Congress, things are heating up! 

A number of cannabis-related changes are expected to be voted on VERY soon/ were voted on this week as part of a bigger budget measure.

The FDA would be prompted to approve CBD as a dietary supplement if one of the amendments were passed.

Another removes wording that restricts government money to just institutions that undertake cannabis research, making research very limited.

Then there’s AOC’s amendment, which would enable researchers to investigate medicinal psychedelics like MDMA and Psilocybin.

Another bill provides money for the repair and cleanup of illicit cannabis crops in national public lands. 

The budget plan would also enable DC to utilize local tax money to establish a retail cannabis market for the first time. 

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa in Arizona is a cannabis-friendly establishment.

The next item on the agenda is

One whole wing of a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona has been dedicated to cannabis users.

The Clarendon Hotel and Spa aims to be the first “cannabis-friendly hotel” in the world.


It’s even hosted a six-course cannabis-infused dinner with a chef who can also provide marijuana-infused room service. 

The hotel also provides bong and pipe rentals, as well as transportation to and from nearby dispensaries. 

Tobacco smoking is still prohibited in the hotel’s cannabis-friendly rooms, which all have a scrubber to keep the air clean. 

Athletes Deserve Opioid Alternatives

Last but not least, 

While some sportsmen have been chastised for their marijuana usage, others have been praised for their “openness.”

Megan Rapinoe, a soccer player, recently met with the media to promote her sister’s CBD business, which she uses in her training regimen.

THC was removed from the WADA’s list of prohibited drugs in 2017, however CBD was not.

Rapinoe’s sister said that as a professional soccer player, she was often given strong narcotics to assist her manage injuries. 

However, she was inspired to start her CBD wellness business for athletes after being unable to utilize natural treatments such as cannabis. 

Megan stated that, in addition to physically benefiting her, it also benefits her psychologically when she is exercising.

She also said “We’re expected to perform on the biggest stages and highest levels, yet we can’t use all-natural products to help us recover. It’s not right, and these policies need to be changed to reflect where our culture is.”


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