Marijuana has become a popular and legal means of treating insomnia in recent years. This is because the drug contains cannabinoids that have been shown to help people sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. However, there are some drawbacks as well – including increased risk for addiction or dependence due to marijuana’s psychoactive properties.,

What To Know About Using Cannabis For Sleep During These Sleepless Times



Some claim that marijuana may help people with anxiety or irregular sleeping patterns get back into a normal routine.

Millions of people’s mental fortitude has been put to the test in the previous two years. Sleep has been a difficulty for many people as anxiety levels have risen and habits have been broken and destroyed as a result of the epidemic. Doctors even invented the word “coronasomia,” and pharmacological sleep prescriptions soared by 20%. While some patients sought comfort via medication, others struggled with restless legs and anxiousness. Others opted for a different kind of sleep aid: cannabis.

In an email to Forbes, Ganja Goddess CEO Zachary Pitts commented, “As individuals deal with anxiety and sleeplessness, they are turning to cannabis because of its efficacy and simplicity of treating such a range of stress-related diseases.”

For years, marijuana has been used quietly as a sleep aid. Its soothing and relaxing impact on individuals who use it has been well-known throughout time.

“Research on the potential sleep benefits of cannabis dates back to the 1970s,” Medical News Today said, “but high-quality research are uncommon due to the drug’s legal status.” Although the study on this sleep aid isn’t as thorough as that on other sleep aids, it hasn’t stopped many people from using it, particularly in recent years.

Some claim that marijuana may help people with anxiety or irregular sleeping patterns get back into a normal routine. Dr. Matt Roman, a medical marijuana specialist, told Healthline, “Marijuana is a good sleep aid because it restores a person’s normal sleep cycle, which so frequently goes out of sync with our schedules in today’s contemporary lifestyle.”

The most significant patterns have been identified in people with previous sleep disorders, based on the small amount of cannabis studies done on sleep sufferers. Many people who suffer from nightmares, anxiety, and even PTSD have found that using cannabis as a sleep aid has helped them.

According to Psychology Today, “cannabis usage resulted in an average of 30 minutes less time falling asleep among persons with active trouble going asleep.” The research went on to say that individuals who did not ordinarily have difficulties sleeping fell asleep even quicker than usual.

If you decide to use cannabis to help you sleep, you may be overwhelmed by the variety of strains and potencies available. It’s crucial to keep in mind that sleep disorders are typically distinct problems with unique remedies.

“Indica may be the greatest marijuana strain for sleep because of its soothing properties. According to the Sleep Foundation, “individuals who use cannabis to prevent nightmares may prefer sativa.”

Depending on the source of your insomnia, certain strains may be more beneficial than others. It’s important to keep note of the sort of cannabis you take and the quality of your sleep if you decide to use it as a sleep aid. Continue to use it as you discover what works best for you and experiment with the dose to fine-tune as required.

Remember to utilize cannabis as a treatment rather than a nightly ritual if you decide to use it to help you sleep. If you use cannabis for sleep on a regular basis, it may lose its efficacy, needing you to consume more and more to have the same effect.

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