The benefits of artificial intelligence in the cannabis industry are manifold including the process automation that advances cultivation, packaging and distribution. The technology is also creating a new way for consumers to interact with brands through chatbots which will help build loyalty over time.

Artificial intelligence has been a topic of discussion for years, and there are many people who think that artificial intelligence will be the end of humanity. However, there are also many people who believe it is not possible to create an AI without causing negative effects.

Why Artificial Intelligence is a Must

Revolutionary advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology are now making it possible for cannabis firms to more effectively manage their assets—at a fraction of the current cost. You get the greatest AI-based surveillance solution on the market today with Cloudastructure.

Employee theft in the cannabis industry is on the rise throughout the United States. Both criminals and morally ambiguous workers are turning to more inventive and secretive ways than ever before to steal from cannabis enterprises, according to Gary Cohen, CEO of Cova Software (a POS software provider for cannabis-based businesses). The lack of centralized control in the industry makes it almost too simple for these people to perpetrate stealthy and undetected scams. 

These losses are far less obvious than a hole in the shop window or a conspicuous inventory shortfall, and hence nearly usually go unreported by higher management… until it’s too late. The rise in theft, fraud, and deliberate carelessness in the cannabis industry has made it evident that these enterprises need increased security.

Artificial Intelligence Due to the industry’s relative newness and a resulting lack of standardized operating procedures, the owners of these enterprises are feverishly attempting to have a better grasp on what seems to be an impossible scenario. 

Typical Security Issues 

  1. Theft 

According to Canopius Group, at least one sort of theft has been the source of over 90% of insurance claims submitted by cannabis enterprises in recent years. The bulk of these allegedly included gaining access to confidential inside information, which allowed the criminals to analyze and subsequently target the company’s existing surveillance systems.

  1. Negligence 

Human carelessness results in the destruction or rotting of large quantities of hemp harvests every year. The issue occurs because different plant varieties need different quantities of light, water, and care to flourish.

As a consequence of overwatering, unexpected changes in the ambient temperature, or general pestilence, carelessness or mismanagement in this sector may inflict significant and irreversible harm to the plants. Traditional surveillance systems are ill-equipped to allow businesses to continuously and efficiently monitor their hemp fields, much alone provide them with the degree of care they need. 

The AI Distinction  

Traditional video surveillance, despite its best efforts, lacks the current and inventive elements required to combat theft and neglect. Monitoring the conditions of each and every plant on a cannabis farm, for example, is a task that human security workers just cannot accomplish effectively or affordably. Instead, for cannabis business owners, a smart and intuitive system that can actively monitor and anticipate the state of hemp plants is a lot more simple and long-term answer. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based surveillance, on the other hand, can monitor the many qualities of each and every item in the frame; it can detect and distinguish between faces, colors, forms, and sizes.

Artificial Intelligence AI-based surveillance systems are a game-changer for the cannabis sector as a whole, with capabilities like automatic monitoring, facial-recognition algorithms, multi-camera displays, and efficient administration and storage of important data. 

Theft-Prevention Software that Is Easy to Use

Surveillance data may also be collected and sorted using cloud infrastructure. Our cutting-edge software uses picture recognition technology to identify and index every visible thing, such as people, cars, bags, vaults, and more, making it much simpler for cannabis firms to store and reference information about potential ‘objects of concern.’ In addition, clever machine learning algorithms aid the system in remembering and recognising these things the next time they appear on screen. 

Keeping track of the activities that take place on your property is doable and even straightforward if your company is still in its infancy and operates out of a single location. However, when your company grows, this will surely alter quickly. Businesses with a large number of sites want a centralized surveillance system that is powerful, dependable, and expandable that can give a consolidated picture of all locations.

Cutting-edge intelligent monitoring systems actively save and analyze data in order to provide you and your organization with relevant insights. These insights may assist you in identifying and then resolving issues with your surveillance systems. 

Artificial IntelligenceCloud infrastructure is at the cutting edge of technology. We create clever, intuitive technologies that can help you boost your security systems by using the power of AI. Our surveillance systems are the finest on the market because of superior face and object recognition, dynamic object indexing, and intuitive models that can anticipate occurrences. You get the finest in current AI and cloud storage technologies for your organization with Cloudastructure’s surveillance systems. 

The monitoring tools used by Cloudastructure assist cannabis businesses in detecting theft and other hidden actions that would otherwise be difficult to detect. As a result, Cloudastructure’s surveillance software may help you keep your organization secure and under control. More significantly, it may provide you with the peace of mind you need to continue growing. 

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