Many people want to try marijuana for the first time. It is easy enough to get this plant grown outdoors, but some newbies are overwhelmed by intense highs and a crash that comes soon after they eat it. This can be because of tolerance levels or something else entirely, so understanding why your break isn’t working could help you avoid experiencing these problems in the future.

The “1 year tolerance break” is a common method for marijuana users to lower their tolerance levels. It has been found that this method doesn’t work very well.

Why Your Marijuana Tolerance Break Isn't Working

Tolerance breaks, also known as T-breaks, are a terrific method to reset your body and re-experience the sensations you experienced when you first began using cannabis. Marijuana’s effects might change and lessen over time if you take it often. You could be one of many cannabis users who might benefit from a T-break if you find yourself needing more and more smoke to get the same results.

The adage “absence makes the heart grow fonder” definitely applies to a tolerance break, which allows you to recover and resume enjoying marijuana in the same way you did when you initially began. But what if your T-break does not restore your former feelings and you still need the same quantity of substance to experience its effects?

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If taking a THC break doesn’t appear to influence your tolerance, you may want to reconsider how you take your T-breaks.

Time is one of the most crucial aspects of a great tolerance break. Marijuana may leave your blood in less than a day, but resetting THC receptors in your body takes considerably longer. “Cannabinoid 1 receptors in the brain start to return to normal after 2 days without marijuana, and they resume normal functioning within 4 weeks,” Medical News Today said.

If your break did not reduce your tolerance or restore the sensation you experienced when you initially appreciated it, consider taking one that is longer. Cannabis breaks should last at least 21 days, according to WebMD. To properly reset your tolerance, try going three weeks without THC, particularly if your prior T-breaks were short.

7 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Marijuana Tolerance

It’s frequently easier said than done to take a three-week vacation. According to U.S. News, about half of all adults in the United States have tried marijuana. Many marijuana users smoke on a daily basis, despite the fact that some of them are experimental or occasional smokers. Marijuana is a recommended treatment for certain people. For others, it’s over-the-counter or non-prescribed medicine.

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Quitting cold turkey may be difficult and even detrimental to one’s mental health. Finding an appropriate alternative for the emptiness left behind is one method to guarantee a smooth and healthy transition away from THC. CBD is a sensible choice, but make sure you get the proper kind and strength.

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CBD does not have hallucinogenic characteristics, but if you take it like THC, you may be able to fool your body, or at least your mind. If you smoke marijuana, you may want to try a CBD product that can be smoked. To guarantee you don’t slip up when you have a desire, have any things you believe you’ll need on hand before you start your T-break.

The amount of time you set aside for your T-break is critical, but how you use that time away from THC may also have an impact on how successful it is. Did you simply sit around bored and munching on your last T-break? This is not the greatest method for resetting your computer. Consider using this time away from marijuana as a body and mental detox or cleanse. Taking up a new interest, particularly one that is physically demanding, will help you get the most out of your THC break.

3 Consequences of Developing A High THC Tolerance

“Exercise and fresh air might help you feel alert and minimize any mood slumps,” according to Healthline. While you’re away from THC, enrolling in a fitness class or making a workout plan are also great approaches to help build this habit. Preparation and planning, as with other elements of these breaks, are excellent strategies to keep on track and hold yourself responsible.

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The “3 week tolerance break” is a common myth that people who are smoking weed daily or have been smoking for a long time will be able to stop and start again, with no problems. This doesn’t seem to be the case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a 2 week tolerance break enough?

A: As a general rule of thumb, most people can take about 2 weeks off before their tolerance increases to the point that they start using more than intended.

Is 48 hours a good tolerance break?

A: This is a highly subjective question. What one person may deem as good tolerance break, another may find to be too much of a rest and cause them to relapse into their addiction.

Is 5 days a good tolerance break?

A: 5 days is not enough to feel clean.

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