Marijuana and alcoholic drinks are already converging and the intersection of these two industries will be a prime target for blockchain-powered experimentation. The technology is developing at an exponential rate, with some even considering marijuana as the next big thing in wine.

Cannabis-infused beverages are a recent trend that is taking the world by storm. In this article, experts discuss the future of cannabis-infused beverages. Read more in detail here: is weed legal in washington.

Wine Or Weed? Experts Discuss The Future Of Cannabis-Infused Beverages



Adult-use recreational marijuana is a rapidly expanding industry, and non-alcoholic drinks are rising even faster.

THC-infused beverages are often sold alongside beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages in states where recreational cannabis is legal. Should alcoholic beverage makers be concerned about weed-infused drinks being a threat? In a recent article released by, experts in various fields responded to these questions.

Business potential are expected in the THC-infused beverages industry, according to Colleen McClellan, regional director of client solutions at Datassential, a leading food and beverage analytics platform. “I believe that as more states reduce their rules, interest and usage will continue to grow,” said McClellan, a qualified sommelier.

“The flavor of the product will be the most important factor in acceptance.” Taste is critical for repeat purchases, according to McClellan, who sees brand consolidation in the cannabis beverage industry.


“There are users that prefer the usage of cannabis or THC-infused goods since it delivers a functional advantage without the hangover effect,” the data expert said, emphasizing the importance of marketing in attracting customers to dispensaries. “Weed has never been more personalized. As with a bag of coffee beans, you may choose the strain, strength, and mode of consumption.”

Products with a clear purpose are the way of the future.

“I believe the most intriguing development for infused beverages as of late is the growth of minor cannabinoids that are being highlighted in these drinks,” Michelle Mendoza, head grower at Sweet Flower, a California dispensary, said. We’re only going to see more of these lesser cannabinoids as the sector’s main attraction.”

In the meanwhile, Travis Tharp, CEO of Colorado-based cannabis beverage startup Keef Brands, believes purpose-driven goods are the way of the future.

“These solutions are based on a lot of research and appeal to those who are searching for particular results.” We’re beginning to see drinks integrate less well-known but therapeutically beneficial other cannabinoids in addition to THC.”

“The adult-use of recreational marijuana is a fast-growing industry, and non-alcoholic beverages have an even more stratospheric ascent,” says Morgan McLachlan, co-founder, chief product officer, and master distiller at AMASS, a beverage firm focusing in botanics-based adaptogenic drinks. Since 2015, the no- and low-ABV industries have increased 506%, with sales expected to reach $280 million this year.”

Despite what seems to be rapid market expansion, Jim Higdon, cofounder and chief communications officer of Cornbread Hemp, a Kentucky-based firm that makes full-spectrum hemp oils, believes conventional wine, beer, and alcohol manufacturers shouldn’t be concerned.

“THC drinks have their place,” Higdon said, “but it’s definitely not in the hands of a wine enthusiast with a refined taste.”

He says that the ideal client for a THC beverage is either someone who is seeking to cut down on alcohol use or someone who is new to cannabis and wants a non-smoking alternative.

“In the completed beverage product, there’s no feeling of the terroir of the cannabis flower,” Higdon added. “There’s no replacement for a well-cured flower for a wine connoisseur eager to taste the entire depth of a cannabis strain’s terpene profile.”

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