I have been getting a lot of questions about whether there is a gram of shatter left in a bottle of Xtra Gram. Well, I will give it to you straight up and honest. There is not a gram of shatter left in every bottle. However, this is not a doom and gloom story for Xtra Gram Sam Shatter. It is not a product that is going away. It is not going to be discontinued. It is not going to go down in quality. This is not a product that will never be produced again. This is a product that will be produced again. This is a product that will be produced in the same high-quality manner as before. This is a product that will be produced by the same exact people who

Can you believe it’s been almost a year since we brought you Sam shatters? It was a new low-grade shatter in the X-treme range that was quickly overshadowed by the much more potent K-2. To put it simply, the X-treme was just not good enough in the terpene department and tasted like waxy, stale glass. With the K-2, on the other hand, you can taste the strains you’re smoking. For this reason, we’re back at it again with another X-treme shatter, this time with a different look and a slightly different name.

Welcome, my elegant angry emus! Today we’re looking at XtraGramSam, a brand we found on LeafedIn.org, a website dedicated to finding cannabis-related gifts. Don’t forget to download music on your phone, because after Monday’s eclipse, mobile service will likely be unstable! I mean, the trans-dimensional quark charge from the invading dark elf army will put pressure on the ratings, so bad news, your WiFi won’t work, but on the other hand, I’m pretty sure that means a partisan group of proto-wizards will rise up and become the resistance, and I just know I’ll be so cool at magic, guys, look. Sigh. If Monday and the inevitable promise of finally being able to throw lightning bolts at your enemies seems so far away, perhaps I can interest you in some Satellite OG Shatter from Herban Remedies? Then I think the title is appropriate, because my head is buzzing with creativity. It’s like my mind is open and the ideas are flooding in, asking for keyboard access and sidetracking me to keep up. The power is very good. My tolerance for oil is increasing significantly, but a dab with good power and two times is even more enjoyable. I am awake, focused, and because there is no room in my brain for anxiety, my mood is pleasantly upbeat. Like most sativas, if I smoke it while sleeping, the heavy high sucks the psyche dry and requires a night in a hotel to party. Satllite OG by Herban Remedies has a complex flavor profile, a sweet skunk with floral flecks and a slight hint of pine. The sweet and sour mixture gives a wonderful smoke when inhaled. It’s good for the lungs, but you should have a handkerchief handy, as it helps clear your sinuses. The consistency is excellent, it is barely sweet and therefore easy to handle with my tools. The shutter of Herban Remedies has a beautiful amber-gold color. I’ve seen people say that a black shatter could be okay, and I’ve found a few myself, but I haven’t found a butane-flavored gold shatter yet. In the absence of reliable lab testing here in Washington, I think it’s wise to avoid dark concentrates other than resin. Those who know the characteristic smell of butane – I don’t mean it that way – are able to avoid concentrates with that smell. Your nose is your first and best line of defense against a spoiled knob in general. It may smell normal, but if it tastes bad or causes irritation in the mouth, nose or throat when smoked, it’s not good. I’ve also never come across a bag that smells good but tastes terrible or smells bad. So I prefer charming aromas that smell like something you would eat. Or a damn high diesel, vroom-vroom! That’s cool too. Oh, here, why don’t you read Good Chemistry’s STATS guide, it’s quick, you’ll know a lot more, and that way I won’t have to explain everything. In any case, I am very happy with this gift from Herban Remedies/XtraGramSam. You should definitely try this brand, these fine folks are just as generous as their middle name suggests, and they also have some great shards. I can’t wait to look at their flowers and get back online to tell you about what I hope our future master elves will love! Long live the long name with half a dozen apostrophes! Let his lordship PSYCHED, IT’S A FIREBALL BUFFET, BABY, THAT IS HUNGY! IMPORTANT! This is going to be great fun, guys. Get your glasses ready!

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